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November 24, 2010


Next, he was told to remove the back toilet cover and to smash the TV with it. He did and the cover shattered without breaking the TV screen, so he was instructed to throw the TV outside. Jones did as he was instructed.

(Thanks to Vernon Bowen)


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Clearly he was asked to do this because hotel managers always call residents instead of police. Just how did this man make it to 73, anyway?

First clue...if there are cameras in the room, why did the caller have to ask if the TV was on? The world is full of idiots.

I've never been in a Motel 6. Do you have to flunk some kind of IQ test to get a room there?

South Carolina. Who among us wouldn't have done the same to save a poor barricaded midget?

Me. I hate the sawed-off little f . . .

Just kidding.

Edgar Allan Poe's "The Telltale Heart" is a short story, so I guess you could do it with midgets.

As soon as he heard about the cameras, he should have dropped his pants and waited for a reaction on the phone.

Bizarre. I keep thinking that the story must have missed something important about how the caller got the man to do this. So weird!

Did the man go back to the Mensa convention afterward?

What can I say but OMGWTFBBQ?!

This is from chapter 1 of the TSA training manual. Rubber gloves are involved in chapter 2

Definitely needs some meds so they can kick in sometime.

This is why I never answer the phone anymore, in South Carolina. I wait until I get to the lake house in North Carolina.

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