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November 21, 2010


Some of the World Famous But Not For A Good Reason Rock Bottom Remainders performed in Miami this weekend. Last night we were at the Miami Book Fair; on Friday we drank a lot rehearsed at Scotty's Landing, the best waterfront bar in Miami, where we played under a big tree that has a sign saying KEEP OUT OF TREE. Here's a photo sent in by Fred Hamilton (Thanks, Fred) showing (from left) Josh Kelly, me and Ridley Pearson rocking and rolling, but not necessarily in unison.



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Dave is awfully brave to stand under a tree that is probably full of squirrels. I see that Ridley decided not to stand under the tree. That is a good looking group and I'm sure you sounded wonderful.

That can't be Dave - He's not wearing a blue shirt.

Wish I'd been there! Looks fun and warm!

Dayum! Wish I'da known you were at Scotty's on Friday because I knew I wasn't able to go on Saturday. Rock on!

Helps to play the same song.

Sorry I missed it!! I was in Orlando this weekend butt...I remember that tree! Last time they played at Scotty's I got to meet Mr. Matt Groening. Some of you may have heard of him. I'm sure the Remaining Remainders were as drunk good as they usually are.

I will bet you guys had a lot of fun. I wish you guys would come and play in Michigan again. A few years ago you came and played in Pontiac. I missed it and you guys haven't come back again. Darn it all.

I can't think of a better background for a band than a big tree...a good place to hide if someone starts shooting up the place, something I've seen happend in bars...

The question is: Did Ridley and Dave CLIMB that tree since they are, as we all know, expert tree climbers?

Thanks for the picture Dave...uh Fred...uh...good set of drums.

Whose left arm is at the edge of the picture?

Ridely can really play that flouorescent light bulb.

Note to blog ladies. If you enlarge the picture you get a really great shot of Ridley, iykwim aityd.

Thanks for letting me sit in, Dave.

Don Bruns

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