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November 21, 2010


Cannabis fed to ducks by French farmer for 'deworming'

(Thanks to Mark Buckley)


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I have a feeling he smoked more than 'some' of the marijuana.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a stoner it's a stoned duck, which wbagnf...etc.

Now I know why ducks waddle.

That duck looks totally stoned to me.



*Snork* @ Dave's medical marijuana Quack.

WTD. So,the Frenchman surrendered to the call of the grass.

This scene was cut from Jerry Lewis film " Le Wacky French Farmer ".

It's "Quack, Dude"

what a canard!

This will be all the rage in the states that legalized medical marijuana. "Come on Mr. Pharmacist, I need it for my ducks."

I wonder what their quack sounded like?

Must be true, I've certainly never had worms....

Do his ducks have worms? No?

Case closed.

I was gonna say something.
Now, what was it?

So the early bird also gets stoned?

mtb, you've never smoked marijuana. If you had your name would be 'mellow the blue'. So there. Or maybe 'Mellow the yellow'?

Cindy, he'd only be Mellow the Yellow if he also drank a fifth a day.

OK, nc, you *cough* got me.

oh yeah. mtb. sober as a judge that one.

At least he's not smoking quack.


___ *


totally fupped duck, dude

ummmm, pate

Foie grass.

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