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November 24, 2010


...six women from Essex County ended up in hospitals after receiving buttocks-enhancement injections containing the same material contractors use to caulk bathtubs, authorities said.

(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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I wonder if she used a caulk gun.

Sounds like they turned into a bunch of hard ass's.

Silly con.

i think there's a Dapp for that...

He turned them over his knee and gave them a spackling.

Yes, butt they no longer leak, do they?

Hmmmmm..... here's a thought .... maybe I should read Dave's headline before posting. Maybe I'll look into that......

Did she do this to all ethnic 'backgrounds' or only caulkasians?

Great minds think alike don't they Meanie?

Shoulda used some on Mr. Johnny Rotten....---->

You gotta admit, though, they're really built.

(think (those of you that can remember that far) the go-gos...)

did you see them?
she messed up our butts
home supplies
well, that's what she buys!

can you feel it?
feel it moving
well it's a big mistake
to x-rays we're now opaque!

it doesn't matter what we say
we skipped her 'botox' anyway!
but our bums are sealed!

there's a weapon
we must use
in our defense
(it's called common sense!)
if a person says
"let me inject you.
it's o.k , I've been on The View"
it doesn't matter next what they say
run fast to the AMA!!

or your bum'll be sealed!

Good one insomniac.

I saw the GoGo's open for the Police. Great concert.

After the GoGo's set, Gina Shock, the drummer, ended up sitting with some of her friends about three rows away.

That botox she used around her tub isn't working so hot, either.

(bonmot, I have a Jane Weidlin story I can't tell publicly. Find me on FB if you're curious.)

Should have used silly putty. That way, when they fall on the New Jersey ice this winter, they'd bounce right up.
With an impression of the sidewalk on their nether regions.

writerdude, I'm not on that facetube thing.

(I love saying "facetube" and "youspace" in front of my teenagers' friends, just to watch my kids twitch in horror.)

Har! @ bon. Well, then after I get my website/blog moved to my new host, we'll take a shot at connecting there. Hopefully this week; that matter is beginning to make me twitch.

So ... wuz it white? Pastel green? Baby blue? Sweetheart pink?

Details please, Dave ... details ...

"... containing the same material contractors use to caulk bathtubs...."

Forget the butt plugs -- I need to know what works best on a tub. What brand? Silicon? Acrylic? With or without n-butyl benzyl phthalate? What's the warrantee?

Why can't reporters get the important details these days?

Did they also use sack-crete for DIY bigger boobs?

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