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November 23, 2010


Pahoittelemme, että meillä ei ole Kimmo Wilska päivitys.




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Is that the guy who stole the inflatable beer bottle?

Ég veðja að hann vill að hann var að ganga með minna ljót binda endanlega mynd hans.

Lucky for all of us that Kimmo speaks an international language: BEER

Hasn't that gotten kind of warm by now?

Poor Kimmo. Out of work and a terrible comb over.


Beer-soaked turkey. Although not fully cooked yet. Gobble, garble!

Ei minä tiää. Mikä syystä tai toisesta...

Does this page indicate that Kimmo has a new career in Hockey

I'll bet Kimmo regrets it, too.


The tie is still ugly.

Did a pussy blow up in his face?

Enough DAVE!!!

If you must, go split a couple (or ten) sixpacks or
fortys with him.

But you both have an alcohol fixation!

Here he is.

*SMACKS* funny man twice. NOBODY is mean to Dave on my watch!

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