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November 23, 2010


Three arrested for disorderly conduct in Wilson Borough baby shower brawl

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Wow. This kid's got a bright future ahead of him. With family and friends like that, what could go wrong?

Baby's first experience with first responders. How special.

Somebody check the formula.

Was Dennis the Menace involved?

It's a good thing this event wasn't held at Chuck E. Cheese or tactical nukes might have been needed.

Now that's what I call a baby shower! If the mom to be was arrested she will have plenty of time to write those pesky thank you notes. Do you send thank you notes to the police and first responders that showed up to break up the fight? Dear Officer Smith. Thank you for coming to my shower. The bruise you left on my mother's forehead was really nice. I will remember you always. Sincerely, Mother to be.

nc -- That's why Junior Leaguers hate gang bangs -- All those damn thank-you notes.

(Unwraps gift) "Awww, how sweet! Look everyone -- "Baby's first Brass knuckles". Now where ever did you find those in a powder blue color?"

Bonmot, I'm a Junior Leaguer! The thank you notes do get on your nerves.

Why would anyone leave the comfort of their mobile home to attend a shower at a fire station?

Wait, Dave .... I'm confused.

Are they all getting Florida licenses?
Were squirrels involved?
Were policy-invoking names involved?

I hear the hall was decorated in pink, black & blue.

They're just practicing for when the kid is a toddler and they have the really big brawl at Chuck E. Cheese

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