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November 19, 2010


A Loveland beekeeper rigged a "booby trap shotgun" to protect his hive from a bear but accidentally shot himself in the hand, sheriff's officials said.

(Thanks to Bill Guy)


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A special kind of stupid... Put this guy on a Darwin Award watch. He may yet qualify.

You see a lot of people on the Darwin Award Watch during the fall months in the ER. I had several people who shot themselves in the foot when cleaning guns. Never their hand, however. The dumbest guy I can remember decided to put a log over his lap so he could cut it with his chain saw. He almost cut his leg off. (Not to mention his man parts) His excuse was he didn't think saws cut bone since they used them to cut off casts. We explained to him, in simple language he could understand, that cast cutting saws and chain saws were two entirely different things.

a bee-bee gun wouldn't've been as dangerous

Two weeks ago my assistant bought a $600 motion operated camera to place near his tree stand. (City dwellers, look it up). He got some lovely pictures of a bear demolishing his new camera because the only thing left was the memory card. More fodder for BearTube.

"Yogi, don't do it!"

"Hey-hey-hey, Boo-Boo, if he's stupid enough to leave a trap that I can figure out, he deserves what happens!"

That's some kind of stupid you had there, nc. Good story.

Booby-trapping a shotgun .. what could possibly go wrong?

I think it might be too late for avoiding Yogi --

Lots of city 'hunters' shoot their toes off climbing over fences because they neglect to set the safety on their guns. They also shoot at anything that moves. First few weeks of deer season in upstate NY, we stayed out of the woods.

Just another long suffering Bears fan. Lots of em in ChiTown.

I am not making this up:
Every year a half dozen or so Illinois "hunters" try to check-in goats, sheep and even cows (tied across the hoods of their SUVs) to state natural resource officers, proudly showing off the "deer" they just bagged.

To save retyping, I used this source http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=105x4598068#4599514 :

On the opening day of deer season, Ole and Sven went hunting together. Sure enough, as was bound to happen with Ole and Sven in the same swamp with guns, Ole accidently shot Sven. So Ole jumps into the truck, drives down to the nearest bar and calls the ambulance. Soon, the police, game wardens, fire trucks, EMTs and the ambulance all show up at the scene of the tragedy. The EMTs work frantically on Sven while Ole watches worriedly from a distance.

Finally, one of the paramedics comes over to Ole. "I'm sorry," he says, "We did everything we could. We just couldn't save him."

"OH NO!", cries Ole. "My only brudder! Vat vill I do? I'm so sorry, Sven! Vat could I have done to save you?"

"Well," says the EMT, "It would've helped if you hadn't gutted him out."

As with Mungo, I never shoot bears; it only makes them mad.
A while back I started getting hunters' catalogs for some strange reason. They were filled with camouflage that covered everything: body, face, head, even gun. You'd be totally invisible in the woods.
It seems that if you are out in the woods, woods full of people with guns and sometimes drunks with guns, you might want to be highly visible. Maybe not be there at all.

Wearing camo or orange depends on where, what, and how you are hunting. Birds see colors far better than most mammals; bow and rifle hunting require different tactics. In reality, hunting is one of the safest sports, especially compared to things like football and swimming. Every hunter I know would turn in a drunk with a gun without a second thought; they endanger everyone and are lousy PR.

The beekeeper should have used an electric fence as he was advised. I've found them very effective at keeping bears off my deck and away from my bird feeder. Fortunately, I don't have to deal with Yogi and Boo Boo.

When I took hunter safety they said deer are colorblind to hunter orange. Wearing an orange cap or vest is mandatory when woods hunting in VA. Not for duck and many other fowl. Guys who hunt turkey often wear the total camo with mask and wrap an orange sash around the tree where they stake out. The only place I'd dare go for a hike this time of the year is the in the middle of Shenandoah National Park where hunting is prohibited (and stay away from the borders 'cause outside it's open season).

Not smarter than the average bear

I live in THE boonies, and have frequent hunters shooting around and toward my house, usually because they are on my property "by mistake". I actually had a hunter who was shot and bleeding stumbled into my yard. That shooting was also deemed a "mistake", though there was lots of speculation.

I am not a hunter but I do see a need for it. Especially when you're driving at night and deer are jumping across the road in front of your car. It's not unusual for at least one or two people to be killed in this area after hitting a deer with their car. It does keep the deer population down. The hunters I know are very safe and would turn a drunk with a gun in very quickly. They also wear the orange vests so they are visible to other hunters.

Recent developments and research have provided indications that deer do actually see "Hunter Orange" as a blatant intrusion upon the "usual/normal" color scheme in their environment ... no, they don't see it as "orange" ... (more of a blue or yellow, actually) ... but it's sumthin' that intrudes upon their safety and well-being ... so ... they tend to run away ...

One company has achieved a degree of commercial success by selling "Hunter Orange" vests that appear to be a mottled tan/brown to the eyes of a deer ... this is important to hunters, becuz in some jurisdictions the use of "Camouflage Hunter Orange" is not allowed during deer seasons ... at least their claim is that is whut the deer see ...

Of course, hunters -- as a stereotyped grouping -- will tend to buy anything that might enhance their prowess as hunter/provider, or bragging rights ... and so it goes ...


Crap. All this time I thought they were saying 'dear' hunting season. I guess I'll stop hanging out in the woods.

Trying to frighten off a bear... that's a Pooh excuse.

Well, n'cindy ... if y'all are interested in a certain group/type of fella, I could recommend y'all developin' a wardrobe of the various patterns and shades of camouflage material ... it'd be sure to attract guys ... of that certain type ...

Then y'all could weed out the overachiever types ... and whut y'all'd have left would be ... um ... well ... I hesitate to say it, C'est Moi Ownself ... dang, another great idea that won't werk ...

Cindy, I've always said there are 2 types of people in the midwest: those who are opposed to hunting Bambi and those have experienced a vehicle vs deer accident. Once someone has hit one hunters have an ally for life.

I think these deer that can see hunters in their orange vests were developed by the companies that make and sell clothes to hunters. Just so they can get us to buy all new clothes. And like a woman at a shoe sale, we are helpless. Tell us we need something new and we buy it, no questions asked. If they came up with a jockstrap that would make us "invisible" to deer they would sell a million of them this week.

I agree, W'nut ...

(Ya mean to tell me that jock won't actually do that? Heck. And me with two dozen of 'em ... )

From there, Frost told the deputy he didn't remember what happened.

Let me guess: Alcohol was involved?

COngress must mandate warnings: DO not drink and keep/play with bees! Or shotguns, for that matter!

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