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November 23, 2010


Yesterday was Raisin Monday, and you know what that means.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)

(We don't understand it, either.)



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I don't get it either. Have the foam fight naked and it makes perfect sense.

Aye, boot da mockin' was puir.

"Where you been, Chile?"

"Eatin' raisins."

"Where you been gettin' raisins?"

"Off'n the dog."

I just want to be sure:

Does the tradition date back to the early days of the university when new students would give senior students a pound (0.45kg) of raisins in gratitude for their help in adapting to university life, in exchange for a receipt written in Latin? Could failure to produce such a receipt result in a dousing in the local fountain? Nowadays, have the raisins been replaced with a bottle of wine and the dousing with foam?

I wish they would explain this stuff.

me too. i was really thirsting for that information.

Darn, they aren't naked under the foam.

And WTFBBQ is Raisin Monday anyway?

They're college students. It's not much of an excuse for a party; but it's the only one they got.

And WTFBBQ is Raisin Monday anyway?

It's a day for raisin a rucus, Jeff.

Don't tell me they don't know how to have fun in Scotland! I was hoping a few of the male students would be wearing a kilt.

"Nowadays the raisins have been replaced with a bottle of wine and the dousing with foam."

Well, as long as tradition is upheld. (Much like my kilt.)

Any pictures of you in the kilt, Allen at Division? Siouxie wants to know.

My niece is a freshman there. I'll see if I can get a better explanation, since they refused to give us any information in that article, six times.

I like raisin bread.

The TSA soapsuds pat down? You're now free to slide aboard.

Speaking of kilts....

Does a foam fight need a raisin d'être?

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