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November 19, 2010


According to this story, a Japanese man, attempting to kill roaches by setting them on fire, burned down his mushroom factory.

Which raises the question: What the hell is a "mushroom factory?"

(Thanks to Ralph)

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(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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an underground activity?

I work in a mushroom factory. they keep us in the dark and cover us with SXXX.

oldfatguy: would that 'SXXX' be toadstools?

Didn't Mushroom Factory open for The Doors?

Something must have been lost in translation. They weren't "those" type of roaches (which makes lighting them on fire more understandable). And the "mushrooms" were the kind that allow such a crazy tale being told to make perfect sense.

Sandy, would that were true I would be happy, sadly this does not smell as good as toadstools.

Not buyin' the flaming roach story. The alcohol would just run off their essentially armored bodies. And the critters themselves, after being doused, certainly wouldn't wait around long enough to be put to the torch.

How much insurance was there on mushroom factory?

(It always comes down to the insurance.)

There's nothing unusual about lighting a roach while using alcohol, but a hemostat is useful.

Wasn't there some story a few years ago about a woman who accidentally hurt her husband very badly while she was trying to kill a cockroach?

Shitake happens!

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