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November 04, 2010


...extends to Internet addresses.

(Thanks to VirtualUser)


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Hey, that's performance art.

Is "O'Fart" an Irish name?

...featuring the works of Degas

Been there; it's a lot of crap.

"Now in the SBD wing we have recent works by students of Jackson Pollock. Please do not touch."

Had baked beans for supper last night, they could have hung me on the wall o farts.


Not that I'm aware of, Allen at Division. It took me a minute to figure this one out.

oldfatguy featured in Stained glAss exhibit

Just as long as it's not accompanied by a pop movement.

There used to be a web site for pens and similar merchandise -- penisland.com -- that became a porn site. I can't find the original on the wayback machine.

the cushion on the front seat of my car absorbs farts. when you're driving and let one go, you don't smell it till later, after leaving and returning to the vehicle. apparently sitting down compresses the material enough to release the entrapped gas, thus you can smell a fart this morning that you ripped last night - maybe mixed in with older ones even... a rolling "museum 'o fart" it is.

so it gets good gas mileage, eh mud?

Back when Bay Area Rapid Transit started up in the S.F. Bay area, a guy started a bus service from the Suisun City/Fairfield area to the nearest BART station, guess what he called it?

Fart jokes are so crude.

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