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November 23, 2010


Have you seen a giant Bud Light bottle?

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I blame Kimmo Wilska.

No, I haven't!

"Bubba, we're gonna need a bigger room."

it is just shocking that something of that nature could be stolen. oh, the evil do-ers!

Police are looking for an inflatable Homer Simpson.

includes a portable, electric blower

Well, if that doesn't get it erected nothing will.

I suggest a stakeout of any giant pretzel bags.

Gee, thanks.
The part that said, "Click here for a full-sized picture of the inflatable beer bottle"?
I did.
My computer exploded.

If this had happened in my little town I would have blamed the 2 rednecks I overheard at Walmart last night.

I was just breaking down two such items yesterday morning at an event. Those come in from St.Louis, so that distributer is going to be on the hook with the brewery if they don't find it.

Sharkie? You have to send them back?? I was gonna ask you to save me one cuz you just know how classy a giant beer bottle would look out on my deck.

Are you able to accomodate display something like that? They are about 20 feet tall when engorged inflated all the way. Not that size matters . . . so I've been told.

Sharkie, I'm still waiting on the beer tap handle like the one you gave Siouxie. And yes,size does matter.

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