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November 19, 2010


Now they want to take away a man's fundamental human right to tattoo the Rolling Stones logo on his pony.

(Note that we are using the term "pony" in the sense of an actual pony.)

(Thanks to Joe in Japan and Bob Brogan)


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If I had a nickel for every time I said, "Put those big juicy lips on my pony."


I'm glad to clarified that, Dave. I was jsut about to add "pony" to my 'genital euphemisms' list.

What a horse's ass.

pre-tattooed a pattern

WTFBBQ is "pre-tattoing"? Did he just draw a picture? Then say that.

but what does it look like when it's, uh....

WTF, Jeff, you have a list of "euphemisms" tatooed on your pony?

kind of a 'Giddyapp'?

*sits self in corner - promises no more horse & app weinerschnitzeling*

So humans are not warm-blooded vertebrates?

*hands Sandy her daily weinerschnitzeling pill*

thanks, cindy.

it is hard to be good

It's also good to be hard.

The Stones usually played live; they didn't do much lips-inking anyway.

Keith Richard commented, "It would look just like Mick's face then."

I'd pony up and make a few horsey comments, but Annie would break out her riding crop(s) again. Man, do they sting!

I'd better be going. I can't stay here furlong.

If the guy had any stones he would tatoo those lips on his "man pony". Not a real pony.

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