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November 21, 2010


Police constable David Melhuish said the pair did not want to leave the croc in the popular swimming spot - so they took it home.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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One has to wonder how much of a part (notice I didn't say 'whether' it played a part) in their decision-making process.

Dad: Alright, but you're responsible for cleaning up after it, and for feeding it.
Son: Thanks, Dad!! I don't think it will really be that much extra work.
Dad: Are you sure? You're still responsible for Sparky, you know.
Son: I know.
Dad: Say, where is Sparky, anyway?
Son: Well, er......

*Buys Jeff and the Croc Brothers a round*

Happened near Darwin....

Wait a minute! They released a crocodile into the East Alligator River? That's just wrong. Someone needs to alert PETA.

On the bright side I love a story that highlights the can-do attitude of guys, especially once it's been lubed with a few brews. Lucky for the croc the guys hadn't had a lot of brews, which probably would have led to something involving a high powered rifle.

Thanks so much Dave, for letting us know that Australia has it's own version of the deep south!


But if that's a picture of the "popular" swimming hole... it IS "deep south"!

Those guys *may* be heroes!

And if they have an East Alligator River, does that mean they have a West Alligator River also?

And do the alligators and crocs get along?

And how did they "decide" the croc was "eastern"?

Shabby reporting AGAIN.

From what I've read, at least in Florida alligators and crocs get along fine. And, yes, there are crocodiles in Florida.
I know that at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, crocs are in the same ponds as alligators and I haven't seen a lot of hostile activity. Or much activity at all except at feeding times.
Crocodilians are really laid-back lizards.

Is someone, perhaps funnyman, making fun of the South? Don't make me open up a can of whup a#$ on you!

Notice how many of our stories come from Australia and you realize that it is just southerners with a different accent. They have more fun there in a month than those most people stuck in the north do all year.

Can I get a rebelaboriginal yell.

What a cute little puppy.

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