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November 22, 2010


Miami-Dade Plummets in "Most Dangerous Cities" Rankings

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie, who says: "Recount!")


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There's some Dancing With the Stars funny business going on here.

Miami Beach isn't far behind at 42, and Miami proper is at 51. Miami middle-of-the-road is at 50.

Chicago, IL "not available"? Oh, yeah, the data was stolen.

Blago is more than happy to return the data...for a price.

I always knew I had good reason to avoid St. Louis...although given that Chicago's data is "missing" I suspect St. Louis got robbed in more ways than one...

Miami Dade Plummets WBAGNFAMarchingB

Meet me in St. Louis, Louis.
Meet me at the fair.
Don't tell me the lights are shining
Any place but there. BLAM!!

Heading off for number 1 tomorrow for a Soprano family Thanksgiving.

Was that "Recount" or "Reload" Horace?

Surely a voting error. Where are those dead people pregnant chads when you need 'em??

Interesting that Chicago is "not available." They had a murder spree this summer that made it far more dangerous than anywhere in Afghanistan. No Joke. A product of our telprompter in chief's "community organizing" no doubt.

*crosses Chicago off places to visit list*

The Arch-angel of Death.

Could it be in any way shape or form due to David
Caruso scaring off tourists?

When I travel to Miami, I avoid Miami International (because on CSI Miami quite a few killings / killers go there.)

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