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November 24, 2010


Man 'has his mother's beard'

(Thanks to  Jeff Meyerson and catmanmax)


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That is actually a sweet story--if it's true!

...and his father's eyes...in a pickle jar.

There had to be a lot of alcohol involved in this boy's conception.

Wait, someone sent a FIVE year old out to work in a freak show?

What century are we in?

I'm not sure this is true. People with hypertrichosis or 'werewolf syndrome' generally have a lot of hair on their arms and it is usually coarse and dark. This looks more like a man in a dress to me. A hermaphodite would still have estrogen and some female characteristics in their appearance. Plus they both look like they're trying very hard NOT to laugh.

His mummy has werewolf syndrome?

There are other compelling reasons to leave Bakersfield. Such as, it's Bakersfield!

Yeah, but to Kansas? That's Bakersfield, only flattened.

Only similar in topography, minus surrounding hills. Also minus oil rigs and smog. Earthquakes vs. tornadoes I would call a push. Good trade, IMHO.

Flattened Bakersfield. that's funny!

I was in Bakersfield once. All I can remember is it was very, very hot there.

My in-laws live in Fresno.

Except my mother-in-law. Right now, she's living at my house.

Did I mention she doesn't believe in evolution?

bonmot - does that mean she's still a monkey?

No, Annie it means he's still a monkey.

There wolf.

Are you my Mommy or with ZZ Top?

I never understood the Lumberjack song lyrics till

Paraphrasing "I want a girl
just like my sweet papa"

Lyrics copyright by Monty Python.

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