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November 19, 2010


TSA checkpoint ahead.

(Thanks to Michael Johnson)

Update: Related informative video here.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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The one thing I found interesting (disparaging?)about the new pat down policy is the exclusion of people younger than 12. I guess the TSA agents don't want to waste time frisking girls until they start to... grow a little, iykwim.

I'll be over here in the no-groping zone, thank you.

As someone who flies every other week, this is becoming a real pain in the ass. Last week in Detroit I got scanned and then got patted down because I had forgotten to remove one thing from my pocket - it was my my boarding pass.

tsk tsk, layzee.

Next time remember the one quart resealable plastic bag.

Couldn't guys arrested for various molestation crimes be hired for this ? What other kind of job are they qualified for ? Seems like win-win (or from the "Office"...win-win-win).

So, are reach-arounds part of the new policy? I mean, why the heck not - it might help with compliance.

Umm, for those of you who don't recognize it, it's a goatse (Wikipedia link).

A new sign at airports GROUP GROPE

Grope a Dope.

Another bit of TSA idiocy.

BREAKING TSA NEWS -- TSA named in mass-paternity lawsuit by ACLU. "Their DNA is all over it, if you know what we mean." http://bit.ly/ah1IiQ

Looks like a white bishop capturing a black pawn

(...in chess, of course)

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