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November 22, 2010


Here's your new underwear:

(Thanks to nursecindy, Justin Barber and Jeff Meyerson)


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Had you but known, Dave....

It's unclear whether it would lead to an automatic, more intrusive pat down by federal Transportation Security Administration officials.

Oh, I think that's a given.

Of course, Underwear Invention WBAGNFARB or a kids' book series.

Seriously, do you guys have google alerts set up for "underpants?" I was sure nobody else had sent this in!

I'll wait for the one which shows a clenched fist with the middle finger sticking out.

Seems a bit small.

Despite this incorporation into society, the citizens of the Victorian era were still concerned with their self preservation, especially concerning females. The public still believed that the X-Ray could see to any depth of the body and through walls, posing a threat to not only their privacy of body but also of home.48 Showing any part of the female form, even the bones, was seen as an exposure of her sexuality and therefore shameful. The fears were so widespread that a New Jersey assemblyman introduced a bill forbidding the use of X-Ray opera glasses and companies sold lead-lined underwear to keep away prying X-Ray eyes.

History really does repeat itself!

butt will these also help keep out leaf blowers illegal aliens?

Tungsten on private parts? Isn't that pretty much all over the internet?

i think air travelers need to go commando. even alter kakkers.

i want underwear that will make it look like i have a twelve inch johnson or maybe a ferret in my drawers, and an electronic device that will make all the cliche comical sound effects (a-ooh-ga, slide whistle, bicycle horn, etc.) while getting the inevitable pat-down.

You need a "boing" in there, mud.

and the "klang". i said "etc.!"

Is that a maple leaf in your pants, or are you just happy to see me (someone had to say it)

"etc." just doesn't have the same ring as "boing", though.

Is the fig leaf removable?

TSA Screener: Sir I'm going to need you to lift your leaf for us to see . . . now move the branch aside . . .

*snork* @ mudstuffin. I think you're on to something. Reminds of that scene from Spinal Tap.

Really love your peaches, want to shake your tree . . .

I thought these were very stylish.

Aluminum foil is cheaper, and easy to cut into any shape, like an elephant in your pyjamas.

Just heard on my local radio station:

You'll see London,
You'll see France,
But you won't fly
Until we see your underpants!

TSA - We handle more packages in a day than FedEx!

This guy has the right idea.

Wouldn't that cause a "blurred groin"?
Also, after what happened the last time I left aluminum foil in the microwave, there's no way I'm stuffing my crotch with it and going through any electronic device.

So...Meanie needs a palm frond?

*snorks* @ mud and Sharkie!

Instructions for full-body scanner:
1) Cut slit in cover. X-ray on HIGH for 30 seconds.
2) Stir and replace cover.
3) Let stand 1 minute. Carefully remove from scanner.
4) Check that the product is thoroughly cooked.

Another way to say, "Leaf me alone".

I'm looking for a pair with the Rolling Stones tongue logo on it. If I can't find that I'll go with the old standard, "Eat Me."

I flew last week and had to get patted down because when I was scanned I forgot to take my boarding pass out of my shirt pocket. As a card carrying member of AANR (Google it if you're interested) This is my plan for next week when I fly.

First, I go commando. Second, I wear a pair of pants with a waist about 6 inches too big. The procedure for the scan is to stand there with your hands over your head like you're doing jumping jacks. Since my belt will be removed I'll have to hold my pants. Until I have to raise them, that is. Anything illegal? I submitted to the scan using the appropriate procedures which they made me do. My pants just happened to fall to the floor. Going commando is not illegal. Nor is wearing pants thaqt are too big. And certainly following TSA procedure isn't.

I'd like to see a picture of that, Layzee LOL (or maybe not)

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