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November 21, 2010


This just in.

(Thanks to Monty and Matt Filar)


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"You want to see my magnetic penis?"

Never works.

When in Rome ... um, watch out.

What are the chances the replacement unit on Mars is at least twice what the original was? "Hey, if we're gonna do this let's give him something to be proud of."

What were Venus' hand and Mars' unit doing before they were called to public service?

Layzeeboy was asking.

I agree with the art critics.

Somethings need to be left to the imagination.

But, as well all know, politicians LOVE to get their
hands in (on) everything!

Was the unit blurry?

"Mario Catalano said the restoration of the missing parts was based on scans of 'numerous hot Italian studs' other works with similar proportions poses and with the agreement of the ministry's gigolos restorers

Ancient Roman saying: A bird in the hand...

Does it point to the magnetic north pole?

Mr. Potato Crotch

Is the TSA using it for practice?

Magnets?! They don't need no steenking magnets. Haven't they heard of strap-ons?

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