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November 24, 2010


A Los Angeles man said he is fighting the United States government to allow his Oklahoma company to print the Pledge of Allegiance on bottles of its beer.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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It's not copyright. I'm honestly not sure why he can't. Where's bonmot when you need him?

How many war vets will have bruised foreheads from saluting?

I haven't read the statute, so I can't offer an opinion.

Why wouldn't he be able to? Seriously. You can paste the American flag on an assault rifle; there's no reason he can't put the pledge of allegiance on a beer bottle. There's no escaping the fascism!!

We Okies are very patriotic beer drinkers. I will follow this lawsuit very carefully!

I don't understand why he can't do this either. I'll bet most school kids don't even know the Pledge of Allegiance since they do not say it in school anymore. Not that they would be drinking beer but it seems to be disappearing into history. *SMACKS* Sharkie. My dad is a war vet.

I say we all get the Pledge, or the flag or something tattood(no idea if that's spelled right) on our rear ends so we can moon the judge when it is introduced as evidence.
Then Dave can post our stories on the blog!

I am far from an authority, but as I understand it, laws or rules against printing the flag or the words to the pledge on certain items are meant to maintain the dignity of and respect for the flag and those words.

It would seem, in that context, that printing the pledge on a commercial product is being viewed as an act of disrespect. That's just a guess on my part as to where this comes from, not my personal view on the subject.

Yet some dumba$$ bonnabo can stomp on and burn the flag as a legal means of "free expression".

As an Okie Down Under, I have to ask, is this the guy with the bearded mother? Or just from the same gene pool?

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