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October 06, 2010


Now: An MRI.

(Thanks to Matt Filar and Chuck Cody, who says he sees Eric Clapton)


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Maybe Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull...

If I were Jesus, I'd be kinda insulted that people find me so unattractive.

I think it's an aerial photo of Okinawa.

'Swallow-ed be thy name'

!first! in handbasket!

She should expect a bill from Jesus very soon, then.

That's not Jesus, that's Rene Auberjonis

♬ I don't care if it rains or freezes. As long as I got my X-ray Jesus...♫

*jumps in handbasket*

Dr. Mel Practice: Mrs. Cohrs, please come in and have a seat.
Mrs. Cohrs: Thank you, Doctor.
Dr. Practice: I have reviewed your MRI results, as well as your sonograms, x-rays, biopsies, blood work, pregnancy tests, chromosomal abnormality screens, dental charts, stress tests, Rohrschach tests, bone density scans, thermographs, check engine light readout, IQ charts, credit ratings and savings account balances.
Mrs. Cohrs: Oh, yes! What did you think of the MRI, in particular?
Dr. Practice: Well, the results are mixed news for you, Mrs. Cohrs.
Mrs. Cohrs: Oh .... in what way?
Dr. Practice: Well, there is no evidence of cancer....
Mrs. Cohrs: Thank you, Jesus!!
Dr. Practice: .... but, you are going to need an emergency Lordechtomy.

Is he paid an endorsement for these appearances? 'Cuz lately JC gets around more than Waldo...

At least she's not toast.

He's just waiting for her to drop.

God: You know, the Yankees are in the playoffs again...
Jesus: Oh, for the luv of...no, I'm not doin' it!
God: Come on, son. Don't be like that.
Jesus: I am sooo sick of this!
God: They want you to appear on a home run ball as a dirt clod.
Jesus: Da-aaad! It's not like they need me. they're gonna win anyway.
God: I know, but they pay really well.
Jesus: (pouts)
God: Do this, and you don't have to be on any more toast.
Jesus: Can we go out for ice cream afterwards?
God: You got it, big guy.
Jesus: Yay!

Grilled Cheesus featured prominently on "Glee" last night.

He sure does get around.

(My current wife likes it, OK? I let her have the remote occasionally.)


They all ready have a dirt clod:
He goes by the name of 'A-Rod'...

*borrows Jesus' lightning bolt to ZAP sandy*

bon, I was about to post that. I loved the Gleesus episode!!

So Jesus went oral on her?

*Dives into handbasket.*

Annie, don't you mean JeZeus?
Do I take the handbasket or the chariot?

Glee was back to its old self last night. With an actual story and everything, not just random songs.

Meanie's story (cont.):

Mrs. C: Doctor, I really don't want surgery - isn't there another way?
Dr. P: ...well, there IS something, however it can be highly toxic ... Here, inhale this:
Mrs. C: - breathing deeply, a mixture of paris hilton perfume, jersey shore tanning spray, & manilow cologne....
'a - A - Chooo!'


Steve - Jesus won the lightning bolt from Zeus in strip poker.

*waits patiently for handbasket carpool*

Listen, people, I've explained this before: WE watch YOU, not the other way around.

She is clearly looking for a comforting factor.

nursecindy? what are we looking at, please? spine?

My eyes are up HERE, JC.
*tires of waiting for handbasket, starts hitchhiking with Cerberus*

Looks more like the pharoah to me. He has that cool bird (or snake) headdress.

*laughs @ Annie from prime seat in basket - pelts her with twinkies ;P*

Annie, he wasn't looking at your eyes.

I was always taught that Jesus lives in me. This is just proof!

MOTW, We are looking at a side view (left side) of her nasopharyngeal area. aka, the side of her face. It looks like her epiglottis is swollen and there is a tumor there. If it is a tumor she's going to need Jesus a lot more. The epiglottis is aka as that little thingie that hangs down the back of your throat.

Jesus loves me, but only for my waves @ Hammie!

*Waves @ Annie!!!*

"I don't care what anybody else thinks."

Which, of course, is why she went to the press with it!

cindy, no offense intended EVER, but do you mind if I restate your answer more clearly? I've taken my share of vocal anatomy courses. :)

The thing hanging down in the back of the mouth is the uvula. The epiglottis is the flap that covers the esophagus while swallowing. It's rooted lower in the throat near the larynx and comes up the throat rather than hanging down. :)


I see a little fox on the right.

It would behoove ya, to take care of your uvula.

Diva -- bustin' out with an epiglottal stop.

You're absolutely right, Diva. My mistake. I always get my uvulas and epiglottis's mixed up. I have a confession to make. I did the unthinkable this morning at the doctor's office. I went for my routine bloodwork and after they took my blood I passed out. I've never done that before and was really embarrassed. I think it's because they stuck me about 6 times before they got it and then ended up getting it out of a vein on the top of my hand. As I've said before, I can stick anybody but I'm not crazy about needles pointed in my direction.

No need to be embarrassed. I just read an article recently that showed how that's a physiological reaction, NOT emotional. :) You're off the hook, Cindy!

*bows to bon* ;)

Be careful when you bow to bonmot, Diva. He'll hit you with his fiduciary.

A punctilio of honor the most sensitive, no less.

YOU GUYS need your eyes checked!

Just to the left of Jesus, I see the Alien creature from the Alien/Sigourney Weaver flicks.

And to the right, Spongebob Squarepants or whatever its name is.

This "trio" means Cohrs has a 66% chance of dying.
or becoming a Alien creature, I guess.

Wait. I thought an uvula was that horn thing The Blog was blowing at some soccer game in Argentina or something. I wasn't paying real close attention.

So, uhm, what does she do if Jesus turns out to be the tumor?

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