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September 26, 2010


Woman charged with stealing underwear, cheese

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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even with the comma the imagination boggles. and i've got a um er ah lively imagination.

...women’s underwear, body spray, a pack of cheese sticks and a pack of silly bands...

Mrs. MacGyver?

Without the comma the story would had to have involved a colon.

May we assume the body spray was Raid ?

Silly girl forgot batteries.

Ok eww.

Eclectic tastes. Elastic clothes.

She put them in her purse? Geezer alert:

She pulls out body spray, silly bands
Underwear and sticky snacks
But she can't find her cheese!

Oh I'm getting so frigging old...anybody?

Please note: this did NOT happen in Wisconsin. We make sure our women have plenty of cheese. The underwear, they're on their own.

Wait, did you mean they're in their own, p the c? If so, please don't overdo (not overdue) it.

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