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September 24, 2010


...for Sea Snot.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Shh. Don't disturb me while I'm meditating on Mount Wannahockalugi.

Let me get this straight, they found some stuff, and there was more of it, but then it went away, and they're not sure where it went, or what it might do, but they postulate that maybe some baby fishies might die, or might not, but it all looks like centimeter-sized snot balls that could, but probably won't, grow into miles-long snot sofas that might harbor bacteria or oil droplets that the bacteria might or might not eat.

Izzat about right?

We need better boffins, or muffins, or puffins or whatevs.

What does MOTW stand for?

Didn't Sea Snot open for Cream in 1968?

bon, I'm sure there will be a government-funded research grant in the future.

"Stink bugs put out for sea snot."

"Put your hands together"?

More like "Wash your hands repeatedly".

What does bonmot stand for?

It's French for "a little wit" or something close to that.

My kids tell me I'd have to be twins to be a wit.

Bon mot translates to good word, specifically a clever use of words.

mudstuffin said MOTW is Mrs. Oswald Thwacker Weasel. And that's about all you need to know 'cuz if mud says it, it's so.

Sea snot.
Sea snot?
See? Snot.
See: 'snot...
Cease not!

Si, eesnot.

Man Of The World? Is or is snot?



BTW, the above can be accessed if you open port 666 on your server.

Also, didn't Sea Snot open for Stark Naked Buttocks Advisory back in '87?

Sea Snot and the Jellyfish are one group you don't want to go see.

i think thwacker-weasel is hyphonated.

What about "anal retentive"?

that has a colon.

Thanks for clearing that up, bonmot. I thought maybe it was your name backwards. Tom Nob. Your explanation makes a lot more sense.

Tom Nob *snicker*

Don't snicker at my Nob.

And *snork* @ Annie.

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