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September 23, 2010


Mont. woman fends off bear attack with zucchini

(Thanks to Claire Martin, bonmot, Brian Pries, Andrew Hoenig, The Amazing Steve and Siouxie)


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She keeps a loaded zuchinni right on the kitchen counter? Must not have kids.....

... I mean zookeynie.

The ursine intruder charged Lassie
So the Montana housewife got sassy
She threw a courgette
Didn't have a baguette
Unfortunately, no paparazzi

green or yellow? either way, i dont like zucc anyhow, so may as beat up a bear with it. this is better than the guy with the swiffer last week.

Finally, a use for zucchini.

Alternatively, she could have fended it off with fresh fruit.

If she was smart, she would just get herself a tabby cat

Eric usually sticks to entertaining kids, but now he is also into fending off bears? He is Great.

The ursine intruder charged Lassie
but mudstuffin's typically gassy
he squeezed his bread basket
and then blew a gasket
the cleanup - especially nasty


ewwwwwwwwsnork @ mud!

*snork* @ mud

blew yer stuffin, didjya?

Now I understand your name, mud.... :)

and I second Siouxie's ewwwwwwwwwwww

Mud, if you are ever in the Miami area let me know and I will spring for a large Mexican dinner for you. I'm sure Siouxie will also chip in.

It's lucky the bear didn't only just not like broccoli . . .

Zucchini is like anti-matter to a big carnivore.

nc - I'll bring the blowtorch and the video camera.

Nice to know that bears feel the same way about zucchinis as I do.

When a zucchini no longer works, it's time for new ammunition.

The problem is that Black Bears will learn how far you can throw things very quickly. I had one that repeatedly raided my bird feeder and ran off when I threw small rocks at him, but only far enough to get out of range. Then he sat down and waited for me to leave. I had to get an electric fence.

Preserve the right to bear alarms.

A 12-gauge zucchini is a pretty nasty weapon. But I'd hate to think what would have become of the bear if she'd had an automatic.

Amadamajabber said something today about Islamic zucchini superiority. Loon.

This tabby cat would be a good choice as well.

Poor Yogi was taken down by a salad shooter.

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