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September 22, 2010


Prozac inhibits sex drive in fish

(Thanks to The Perts)


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That explains it!

What kind of sicko gives PrOzac to fish?


When given to salmon, it makes them suicidal.

That explains everthing.

Hmm, I wondered what the little lady had been putting in my oatmeal.

So the term "She f***s like a fish" may no longer apply.

Better headline: "Prozac Makes Milt Wilt".

Is this a solid defense against the species that swims up the urethra?

As they told us in high school health class, if your date is a cold fish, you can always eat her. Or maybe that was "The Meaning of Life."

Fish are happy, but not.

You know this crap gets into our water supply. They could up the dose. It's not working.

Tom Cruise has proven that these drugs don't work. I'm not sure he was talking about sperm count though.....

So you take Prozac against depression, but that inhibits sexual desire. That's just depressing.....

Holy Mackerel, they turn Yellowtail!

Better yet, Prozac transforms fish into Cu(dd)lefish.

Why don't these drugs come with a warning from the Sturgeon General?

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