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September 25, 2010


Lady Gaga Meat Dress To Become Jerky

(Thanks to Ralph)



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It will probably go on to marry a Kardashian too.

Yes she is rather jerky, isn't she?

Yes she is, Jeff. I would like to personally thank Dave for not reposting the picture of the dress. I didn't click on the story because the picture of the dress made me a little queasy and I'm sure they've put a picture of it with the article. I'm a nurse with a weak stomach.

Who the H$&^ are the Kardiashians and why are they in magazines?

Lady GaGa is always so perky.
Her couture might best be quirky.
For her dress made of meat,
they applied long slow heat,
and turned it into thong jerky.


Jerky is crap, much rather turn it into biltong.


Wanna help jerk my meat?

It's not the meat, it's the stupidity.

Wait - they're turning it into Pee Wee Herman?

I'm sure there are many fans who wanted to meet her meat.

Lucky for me, I'm not one of them!

As one of you said last week: porker face.

That's it; I may never eat a Slim Jim again...

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