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September 24, 2010


A 37-year-old mother reportedly robbed a Grants Pass bank branch on Monday before picking up her two daughters from grade school on the way home.

(Thanks to Annie Where-but-here)


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Apparently, Jonathan Kemp Deeter Tseu is not her accomplice's real name.

But check out the arresting officer's name.

She needed the money to buy a hairbrush?

I'm no expert, but I'd say her hair is done by Vandals.
Maybe she needed money for a makeover.

Seriously. You'd THINK the guy would do the simple tasks like robbing the bank. We women have to do EVERYTHING!

I agree, Siouxie. Maybe she'll be out of jail in time to go to her daughters high school graduations?

1. Pick up dry cleaning
2. Post office
3. Hair appointment
4. Bank withdrawal
5. Get kids home from school
6. Start meth rig

Somewhere, Gloria Steinem is smiling.

She can bring home the bacon
And end up in the can
After picking up the kids.
Hah, who needs a man?

Cause she's a Woman.
Yes, she's a woman!
Inmate # 47318N

*SNORK & WAVE* @ Hammie!

Excellent, Hammie.

Bravo Hammie!

Good one, Hammie!

Women are such good multitaskers.

Bravo, hammie.
*Snork* @ multitaskers, then *smacks* bmot.

Ma Barker was her hero. Is this one of those work from home internet scams?

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