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August 20, 2010


Guys have common sense.

(Thanks to Damon Daniels)


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I like you too, man!

I swear I just heard a big "EEK!" come out of this blog.


And yes, Insane Saw Blade Handstand WBAGNFARB.

I bet their fans would hate T!la Tequila too.

That certainly has the potential to send him to the finals of the Darwin Awards.

"I think I just soiled myself"

Harumph - blade's too far forward to do any serious damage, and I'd be more impressed if he'd picked up the stuff he dropped.


A few more times doing that, and we'll be rid of his gene pool, thankfully.

One bad flip and his moon's gonna shrink, too.

For later........

It would be more impressive if he did it naked and turned towards the camera. I've been reading this blog too long.

nc, har, yer right there.

This guy's nucking futs.

He likes me! He really likes me!!!

*tears of joy*

I like one of the comments: "I just crapped my pants! Then I watched this video."
Did no one see this on America's Got Talent?

That's nothing. Married guys do this every day at least one week a month. It's called PMS week. The real challenge is resisting the urge to throw yourself on the blade.

Buzzzzzz Lightweight: To stupidity, and beyond!

Immigrants. Doing what normal Americans won't.

Gee thanks, Dave, for totally spoiling the plot of Saw VIII.

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