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August 21, 2010


A 96-year-old man in the Turkish town of Cankiri surprised a politician soliciting his vote for constitutional reform by demanding a wife in return.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Henny Youngman would have had an immediate answer if he were the politician.

*Digs Geezer bus pass from Bermuda shorts pocket*

There's a goat on the next thread who's single --->

One woman, one vote, right?

I am SO frickin' enlightened.

I sense some suffrage in padraig's future.

*smacks padraig*
OMG - Meanie is clairvoyant!

Yes he is, Annie. *SMACKS* padraig again.

Deja-vu clairvoyant!

*joins the gals and SMACKS pad*

Don't let Washington hear about this. They'll nationalize women and use them to buy votes. Stimulus.

He's single, ladies!

Get in line.


*snork* @ pad and mtb.

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