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August 20, 2010


Moon is shrinking, say astronomers

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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Lobate scarps? Sounds offal.

Maybe it is green cheese after all.

Pretty soon it will have a dowager's hump.

Butt, Uranus is still huge.

Was it swimming (per George Castanza)?

"Powerful evidence for the contraction scenario...." Like the sound of that.... But what would powerless evidence be?

The Moon was quoted as saying, "Hey, it was very cold that day."

Okay, who put the moon in the dryer?

Alsao, apparently, the Moon is now located in Arlington, Virginia.

When the moon hits your eye,
Like a big pizza pie,
It's a flesh wound.

Divots flew into space ala Alan Shepard. He didn't replace them.

I swear to God, the second I buy real estate anywhere it immediately goes sour on me.

Moon mice are behind where we can't see them.

I blame Steve Carell.

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