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August 23, 2010


Gym Mixes Vodka With Fitness

(Thanks to Michael McNelis)


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“Sweat and alcohol are both great social lubricants”
Well, there are others ...

Cocktail hour at the gym? Lose the gym part and I'm there.

I did a couple of unusual things after drinking vodka. Going to the gym wasn't among them.
Ever try riding a bike after having a few? Wear a helmet.

Try the treadmill, Steve. "Hold my beer and watch...splat."

How about, "Hey, would you mind spotting me?"

"Sure!" >sl-u-u-r-r-p< burp "Thanks!"

I was on the e-hic!-tipple machine for half an hour!

At my "gym", we regularly work out with twelve ounce curls.

Socializing after an hour of cardio?
Vodka goggles are necessary but what about the effluvium?

If you just worked out and are all sweaty and stinky, do you really want to be "socializing?" Ewwww...

Pumping glass. Yeah, iron & vodka. Perfect match. Dumbbells.
Tennessee Titans rookie running back Stafon Johnson...made a miraculous recovery from a weight-room accident last September where a 275-pound barbell fell on his throat, crushing his vocal cords and adam's apple.

The Skyy's the limit!


Wasn't Yeltsin always referred to as "strongman?"

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