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August 23, 2010


Pig wrestling canceled after animals elude capture

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Aw, man. *packs pig up to send back to farm* Well, more bacon for me!

Wowser - I haven't been a FIRST in AAAAGES! :)

"Embleton says next year, organizers will devise a new plan to locate and capture the animals earlier in the week."

O'er the ham parts we watched....

So the swine flu?


" ... And in other Prom news... "

...so 'The Kardashians' won't be returning for another season?

But the beer can-on-the-head smashing and the outhouse tipping are still on, right?

Why is Marc not with Joe in Japan anymore?

Absent Pigs WBAGNFcongress.

I was hoping for Great Falls, Northern Virginia, not Northern Montana.

Joe and Mark broke up?


I live close to Great Falls VA, Mazarlarry, and I knew with utter certainty it would not be.

Did anyone check the frying pan?

Lotta federal pork originates in Great Falls, VA

Stupid. A real pig is always ready to wrestle with boobs.

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