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August 31, 2010



(Thanks to Bruce Webster)


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Calamari-yum. Them's good eat...Oh, who am I kidding. I wouldn't eat squid even if it were the best way to keep them from eating me.

I do a great grilled squid tube, stuffed with goat cheese and fennel.

You mean Dr. Zoidberg shouldn't be my financial advisor?

Yum, calamari.

Maybe Dr. Zorba, Lairbo.

Sends '-' up to headline writer, unless he's really writing about a guy eating a giant squid, etc.

It seems from the links on Wikipedia, that squid attacks are most likely to occur while squid fishing.

I feel sorry for the fish. The economy devoured mine.

There's an economy?

So... A man is eating stocks of giant squid devouring fish?

Where is Mr. Language Person when you need him?

Maybe it's a typo for Fish Sticks?

Mmmmmmm...fish sticks.

He lost a bundle to the tuna thousands in the market.

i jes can't imagine any man being interested in all those tentacles

This can't be good for the man's cholesterol.

On a side note, while fishing out of Mayport several years ago, the bait was unusually huge and thick slices of what we were told was "Humboldt" squid.
The fish loved that stuff.
The circle of life.

Bah! Humboldt!

Silly halibut - fish are for squids!

*snork* @ sw!

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