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July 21, 2010


We reply: At least we don't assault our women with poutine.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Did anyone else have to Google "poutine"?

*Raises hand*

"So, what's on your mind?"

I was aware of poutine, but I find it nasty. The true french fry delicacy is shoestring fries, covered in white spicy sausage gravy, not brown, with fresh sliced tomatoes. *drool*

Not if you tell us what you found out, bmot.

French fries topped with cheese curds (eh?) and gravy.

I had to google it also. My first thought was at least he's regular. No way am I eating my french fries with gravy.

It's gagalicious. Must be Canadian foreplay. Eay.

Looks disgusting......french fries smothered in gravy and canned peas...sometimes, ground meat too. Ugh.

ArcticAl?? What say you?

If you are hit with poutine I believe proper protocol is to hit them back with bangers and mash. Either way the French will immediately surrender.

We make it here but use Gouda. The curds have no flavor. (Not Kurds, no food-based fatwa please.)

chili cheese fries will do in a pinch if poutine is not available for dousing argumentative females

Being among the blissful ignorant, I had the misfortune to see "poutine" via Wikipedia just now. Having learned decades ago that some doors should never be opened, and may never be closed once thus breached, there was no excuse for me. I deserve this fate.

Poutine appears to be an after-effect of ipecac, but I think a picture of it could be used - to quite nearly as good an effect - in lieu of said substance.

nice word picture ed, really captured the essence.

PhilinTexas' got it goin' on.

Sounds kind of "Northern" to me. Give me some garlic cheese grits and some fried chicken or a nice thick steak, maybe some kale greens seasoned with a little bacon.
No way I'm dumping that on an ex-girlfriend. Or a current one, either.
(I'm long-time married, so there aren't any girlfriends).

This time of year, wearing poutine may be a good defense against bugs in northern Ontario.

I've eaten poutine, and been to Timmins. There are better things to do in that part of Canada.

At first, I thought it said that he dumped poontang on her head but this seemed odd and the physics were all wrong.

And then I cleaned my glasses, so I'm on the same page now except for thinking that poutine as food would be the very last stop before starving to death.

Well if it has french fries and gravy by law it cannot be bad. Why waste french fries and gravy on anything? I aint' never been that mad at someone.

Sounds like something we used to eat at the all night diner we went to after a long night of drinking. At 3:00 it actually went down pretty good, and kind of acted like an antidote to alcohol abuse.

Is there ANYTHING gravy doesn't improve?

“He’s been in court with alarming regularity,” said Cox.

Eating that stuff, you'd be alarmingly regular, too. Eat it long enough, and your Cox would talk, too.


I like my fries like God intended, with cheese and bacon. And sometimes chili.

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