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July 22, 2010


We're just saying.


(Thanks to Ronzo)


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I have always had a terrible fear of stoats because I don't have a clue what one is. It just sounds scary. "Look out, there's a stoat under the bed!"
I presume one would fit under the bed or that would be one huge beer.
"I've only had two beers, Ossifer." "Were they the size of stoats?"

The one pictured, Steve, is a Guinness Stoat.

i gotta get me somma that.

I guess it's slightly better than if this happened.

Those wouldn't last 2 seconds in our house. The dog would see to that.

Hmm...does it come in "gerbil"??

With bagpipes sounding full skirl,
and their kilts going up in a whirl,
you know that the Scots,
are just drunken sots,
prone to drinking ale out of a squirrel.

When it is stronger than scotch, it hardly qualifies as beer.

"Marvelous idea, sir. Simply mavelous. Howd did you come up with the idea?"

"Well, I was just sitting on the porch, holding my wife's chihuahua. It started yipping and yapping, so I turned to my friend, Bubba, and said, "Hey, gimme a beer and watch this!"

EEEEEeeeohh maiiii GAAAWD!!

*recovers, snorks at Hammie*

More critter abuse here.

Geez Louise. I read the Daily News front to back today and this story was conspicuous by its absence.

I just rechecked - it ain't in there.

The only animal stories were the whale attacking Dave's the boat in Capetown and a kitten being rescued from a sewer pipe.

Oh, Ralph.....yuck

*snork* @ bonmot & hammie

LMAO Hammie!

Well, if you look at Annie's link, down to around April 13th... Not that I did because I'm married... but...

You know, if they can make those out of wolverines and gophers I can sell a LOT of them up here in Badger country. Heck, maybe we can finally figure out what a hoosier is and make a decanter out of one of them.

If I could get one with the critter-to-bottle relationship inverted, I wouldn't feel at all bad about drinking Bud/Miller/Coors out of it.

Furry bota.

"introduce them to a completely new approach to beer."

Riiiiight. Bend over, fella, and I'll show you another.

kill the spammer

MAJOR *snork* @ Ralph's link!

Oh, My God Ralph. My belly hurts.

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