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July 24, 2010


"Oh my God, it's a double complete rainbow."

(Thanks to Matthew Pardon, who actually posted this)


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Cooooool!!! I've seen parts of a double rainbow. I must need more crack.

The rainbow wasn't the only thing that was intense.

I suspect a closed head injury, ...perhaps at birth.


He must be on something cause it sounds like an orgasm from a porno flick.

Theresa, you would know that....how?

And of course, there's this:


Sorry about the lead-in ad. It's short.

Whoa, a double rainbow. Now, what are you guys talking about?

he didn't even notice the bear driving off in his car...

(or the fact that the outer rainbow has the colors in the opposite order!)

I kinda like the Auto Tune version, but you have to see this raw version first to appreciate it.

Memes move faster and faster these days ... already a Neil Patrick Harris parody:

I like rainbows as much as the next person but this guy really likes rainbows. It is nice to see pogo back. I've always said he was the brains of the blog. Speaking of brains I am going out in the heat to cut grass. I'll be back in a few minutes I'm sure.


i'll have a double ;)

I think it's one of these guys.

^Link didn't work. (The demotivational poster with the two stoned bros -- "Drugs -- doing nothing has never been so amazing")

NCindy - I no longer have the luxury of working from my home office all the time. An evil company turned my pretty head with dollars and I now work at least 4 days in the office, despite the fact that there is no one else on the team who is even in the same timezone.

As for being the "brains of the blog", if that's the case, we're in trouble. I happen to have a memory crammed full of generally worthless information, which comes spewing out with the least provocation. Intelligence requires both having knowledge and knowing how to apply it. I often lack the latter.

The term AAADS, (Advanced Adult Attention Deficit Syndrome) may apply.

And I would be remiss if I failed to note The Return of Leetie!

Whoa. Smokin, smokin, uh, smokin' ho...intense, smokin'.

I thought Timothy Leary died.

.....and these are your Lucky Charms on drugs.

Meg Ryan's corned beef on rye's got nuthin' on the double rainbow.

(And wasn't that the name of a chain of ice cream stores not too long ago?)

OMG! OMG! A double complete return of pogo and Leetie! And maybe even Neil Patrick Harris! It's so intense! OMG!

Sorry, I got carried away there. Brain's been baked by spending too much time in the attic in the summer. I'd tell you all about it but you'd gnaw your limbs off to get away. :-)

dwv! Leetie! pogo! OMG OMG OMG! A triple double return!!!!!!!!

*puts on DVD of Kermit and the Rainbow Connection*

And now a complete intense inclusion of the Punkin.

Narf ...!


dances: why do you say Narf?

Judi - it's a speech impediment, don't say anything.

'Shrooms. They make everything amazing.

judi, I said Narf because I ran out of other words of amazement. It's what Pinkie says to The Brain when he sees a double complete rainbow.

And barberho? Did I miss some bloglit development since Jack Bauer disappeared into the tunnels of NYC? :-)

oh... i was at the barbershop convention in early july and changed my name ;)

i ask about Narf because my best friend in junior high (we called it that then), David Jahn, used to draw little pictures of odd eyeball- and tongue-intensive creatures and they would generally say NARF in large 60s style block letters. was pinky and the brain around back then?

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