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July 24, 2010


Naked cow folk to duel in court

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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I hope he takes her to the cleaners.

I agree he is being blatantly ripped off, but can you actually hold a trademark (or whatever form of legal rights/ownership applies) to "The Naked [fill in the cownoun of your choice] if you do not in fact meet the definition of "naked"?

Plus, hey, God annointed her.

If The Naked Cowboy and The Naked Cowgirl got together they could have Naked Cow Babies! Personally I would be more inclined to hang around him and to avoid her.

Dave couldn't hear you. He's out researching whether there's ever been a Naked Pulitzer Prizewinner performance artist.

If any of my fellow bloglits went to school during the early-mid 1980s, I am sure you are familiar with the outbreak of "Coed Naked [fill in sport here]" merchandise. These Naked Cowpersons (which would NOT BAGNFARB) are not original.

I am in favor of whatever decision that doesn't allow that woman to become any more naked than she already is.

Wouldn't it be cool if they got to actually duel in court? With broadswords. Yeah.

Or pistols at 50 paces. They are cow people after all.

Attorney for the Naked Cowboy: Your Honor, I call as my next witness, God.

Bailiff: God to the witness stand, please...... Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you ..... um, so help You?

God: I do.

Attorney for the Naked Cowboy: Are you aware of the defendant's claim that you annointed her as the Naked Cowgirl?

God: I am.

Attorney for the Naked Cowboy: And, did you in fact so annoint her?

God: I did not.

The Naked Cowboy: As God is my witness!!!

Judge: Sit down, sir, and no more outbursts. And keep that guitar exactly where it is, you hear me?

Too late, Dave. Mr. Naked was already in court, dressed as he is when he performs in Times Square.

Thankfully, we didn't see Her Naked Hideousness.

I know Siouxie had a close encounter with him on a visit to Times Square (I believe mutual butt feeling was mentioned) so perhaps she can fly in to testify on his behalf.

Ok, so if you're the naked anything and you sing and play a guitar in Times Square, this guy is going to sue you ? So what's Charlie Rangel going to do after she retires then !? Has Mr. Lawsuit Happy ever thought of that ?

" he " retires..

(Cow)pie fight?

*Snork* @ MtB.

Even Cowgirl's Got Some Boobs. But in her case, we're all better off if she keeps them to herself.

Isn't this special.

Just so we don't have to see a trial before the Naked Judge Judy. Just bleachy keen.

Thank God we have a federal court system to deal with major issues like this.

They both should be arrested for fraud; neither one has a naked cow.

Incidentally, it is illegal to have cows in NYC; they are classed as "wild animals" according to the Health Code §161.01(b)(15)

Jeff, you are correct. I have been groped by groped the Naked Cowboy and I would be more than happy to attest to his firm buttocks.

*blink* *blink* *hairflip*

What's are they fighting for again??

Seriously. Who would you rather see naked????

I rest my case.

The kind of case every lawyer dreams of.

(psssst. NOT.)

She must be a Jersey cow.

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