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July 26, 2010


Twenty-Year-Old SoCal Resident Has Longest Tongue In The U.S.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Saw that yesterday, but without the picture.

Afanasiev says that he hopes his tongue will help further his acting career.

...as a porn star.

Drat you, Jeff. I was just going to say that.

And he saves on his car insurance. The lizard likes him.

Jeff just killed the whole comment thread. Nothing left to say after that, unless we're going to repeat it 27 times.

I say we give Jeff a severe tongue lashing!

Woah, when did they measure everybody's tongues?

As an actor, does that affect his enunthiation?

But can he roll it?

Kiss off, Kiss.

The blogettes are suspiciously quiet.

So how does he meet women? Walks into a bar and licks his eyebrows.

Now, if he could just master that whole ear-breathing thing.

This reminds me of a story Siouxie told me....

I knew Siouxie was going to get involved in this one, whether she shows up or not.

Of course you knew that, padraig. You were in the story.

I was drunk, Annie. And pad kept throwing cherries at me.

Pretty sure ear-breathing wouldn't help him, since they'd be covered up too :-p


Well this story's sure the set tongues awaggin' . . .

and awaggin' and awaggin and awaggin' . . .

Somebody better put Gene Simmons on suicide watch.

Wes S. and Jeff M. both took my comments. Not fair. Not that I'm interested or anything but is he single?

His girlfriend must be so delighted. She really know when she's... well, nevermind!

Stephen Taylor, or Steven Tyler? Either way, I wouldn't want to _walk this way_.

Cat got your tongue? Why yes. Yes he does. And, may I add, ow?

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