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July 24, 2010


How to open a wine bottle with a shoe.

CAUTION: French.

(Thanks to Suzie Q. Wacvet)


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Now there is news you can use, regardless the language.

This is cool.
And, um, Dave, I sent this in in June and how to fold a shirt in one swell foop.

That's nothing. I've seen strippers that could do that without using their hands.

I'm going to try that. Does it work on screw top's also?

Good to know.

My party trick is to open a corked wine bottle using nothing but my hands and a shoe lace. I've gotten lots of free bottles of wine that way. Want to see? Just bring a good bottle of wine over, I'll open it and we'll drink it together.

I have no use for that. I got's boxes!!!


Brilliant, as Siouxie refuses to say.

That trick would have come in handy when we were out on safari in Africa. Somebody forgot to bring the corkscrew and we had to go for days on nothing but food and water.

(Credit to W. C. Fields, from whom I stole the last line.)

After you open the bottle, are you supposed to let your shoe breathe for half an hour?

I guess I should have watched that all the way thru.

*picks up wine covered glass shards*

We experienced some of that wine in the late '60s. Smelled like feet but made you walk on air. Good for the sole.

um, do you have to use those poofy French shoes?

will it work with Reeboks?

how about a good ol' steel toed Wolverine?

Just Dubonnet It.

Something I've always wanted to know.

Cool trick. Wonder if it works with Brogan David.

Or Manishoewitz ;-).

Holy Merdre! This is very cool! Can't wait to demonstrate this to my wine snob bro-in-law!

How uncultured. Everyone knows red wine is opened with sandals.

Does white wine go with feet?

I thought this was more of a "how to open a beer bottle with your teeth" kind of blog, but I guess we're going upscale.

Ask Anthony Hopkins, Punkin. IIRC, he recommended fava beans and a nice Chianti...

This can even be done without the shoe! Stupid French making everything more difficult than necessary AND requiring nonessential accoutrements.

I am really interested in ArcticAl's shoelace trick. Al?

Even French corks surrender without a fight.

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