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July 22, 2010


Avoid the badger.


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(Thanks to catmanmax)


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I hate to disagree, but the First Rule of Road-Line Painting is: "Don't talk about Road-Line Painting."

Mind the gap.

Why did it HAVE to be a badger? *sob*

Because this is what happens if you don't.

The woman upset with her parking ticket should consider this woman's approach to parking.

As it appeared on my last driving exam:

a. You may turn only when instructed by police
b. You may turn only between the hours of 10 a.m. and lunch
c. You may never turn
d. You may turn but must crush the badger again

What would of happened if say the crew would of just swept the animal to the side of the road until pickup? That way they could of finished the job instead it probably cost more money to wait.

Badgers? We doan nee no stinkin' badgers!

Pad, where can I buy one of those?

Coconuts, you can probably have that one for free.

Coco, the parking kit or the dead badger?

Did they finally get to use that "Field Guide to Flattened Fauna" handbook?

That reminds me, I need to get some Badger Helper at the grocery store...

Avoiding the Badger is often a good idea after a night of drinking with the boys!

That is what I would've referred to as a spladger. Not very common. I've seen many splabbits, splats, splogs, spluirrels, and an amazing amount of splarmadillos.

Badger or beaver, jon?

Hammond Rye-you forgot the most common up here in NY-the sploodchuck.

We gots lots of splunks and splossums up here in Cheese Country, especially after a dark rainy night.

Plus our usual ample supply of grilled venison...

avoid the badger, sure. but first the roo-roo!

We have splumans in Miami. Yeah...our roads are tough.

Hey Siouxie -- Obama's gonna end the embargo on Cuba!

I'd love to go fishing down there. They haven't had the gas to exploit their fisheries and I'll bet the fishing would be fantastic.

The parking kit, pad.........that could really come in handy. Wonder if it comes in geezer bus length?

I'm with you Padraig-- On Wisconsin, Varsity, etc.

The problem is that if you don't leave a gap it makes the lines crooked.

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