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July 22, 2010


He has a girlfriend.

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)


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My 6 year old had that same costume.

Yeah, I wonder how long it'll be before Pixar/Disney lawyers contact him. Oh, wait, he's not in the U.S.

Correct, Scott. So, I wonder how long it'll be before they find his body.

If only my deepest dreams were so easily satisfied. Especially that one with the chandelier, the feather boa, and that girl who....
Never mind.

He has a girlfriend?

To infirmary and beyond!

Funny, I saw two different versions of that story but neither had those amazing pictures thankfully.

I bet he's a charter member of the Manilow Fan Club.

hope he can see out those basement windows....

To those of you who automatically load images...

The second of the 275x250.jpg images is actually 620x400.

Oh darn.

I was thinking "To insanity...and beyond!" but OC Dolphin beat me to it...in more ways than one...nyuk, nyuk.

i changed my name to jackie chan, but since i'm a tall overweight white guy it doesn't do much for me in the autograph department.

Oh Gee!

I'm guessing his "girlfriend" is of the inflatable variety.

Latex women need lovin' too, Layzee.

Wait a minute! I want to hear the rest of Steve's dream.

Yeah, Siouxie, but they're not self-cleaning.

They are if you do it right. mudstuffin told me.

"...to unsanitary and beyond."

The guy's name is Steve Bolton - if he wanted to be a character from a movie he could have just changed his first name to Michael, and been the guy from Office Space.

Bolton, eh? Is he a wanderer?

I thought the girlfriend was stuffed and riding Bullseye.

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