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July 26, 2010


Pigeons force Kings of Leon to flee Verizon stage

(Thanks to Deb in Rochester, Ralph, Greg Snow and Chuck Cody, who notes that the Kings of Leon are not Ozzy Osbourne)


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Critics can be hell. At least it wasn't geese.

Oh, we're NOT supposed to throw feces at rock stars?


They quit cause they were pooped out.

The UPI version I sent in is titled "Pooping pigeons interrupt Mo. rock concert." Pooping Pigeons WBAGNFARB, and they have already upstaged royalty.

Give three 15 year old boys a bb gun apiece and tell them to avoid the lights.

Problem solved.

I agree with the pigeons.

The version I heard specified that the bassist got poop in his mouth, which is what caused them to cancel.(Saltier language in this version.)

Oopsie...I just sent this in.

*will fire judi*

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