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July 24, 2010


A small crack in a fermentation vat at the Okanagan Springs Brewery in Vernon, B.C., may be to blame for a creamy beer bomb that blew more than 32-thousand litres of fermented foam across a downtown street.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody and Ralph)


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It happens. Get the wrong combination of cheap beer and sliders fermenting and look out.

Creamy Beer Bomb opened for Aerosmith a few years ago.

Creamy Beer Bomb wbagnf an ice cream. Sort of like Cherry Garcia.

"Nobody was injured"

In fact, they were quite happy.

"Was my husband injured?!"
Rescuer: "We don't think so. He went back in four times before we caught him".

Oh, the humanity. The suds shall rise again.

Bob and Doug McKenzie hardest hit.

Loosehead Ale.

those beer farts are the worst

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