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July 25, 2010


Details here.


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So...Sophie was braver than dad? Figures.

That semi-submerged hippo looks suspiciously like the one at Disneyland's Jungle Cruise ride... I'm just saying.

I will never sneer at a mint on my hotel pillow again.

why on earth would anyone 'sneer' at free chocolate?

Where are the "hippos having sex" pictures, Dave?

Hung like a hippo?

Anyway, Glad you had fun, Dave. We here on the blog tried to keep everything tidy while you were away.
Judi kept trying to get us to do bad things, but we resisted.

I encountered similar animals (in various stages of doing it dress) on a recent safari subway ride in a very hot NYC...

Your pictures came out better than mine.

(fortunately i did not encounter that ol' Naked SaddleBag.)

That is so cool. I am amazed at the leopard.

My old neighborhood doesn't offer a tour, but carrying a gun and machette if you dare to drive in would be viewed upon as standard equiptment.

What no bugs?

I'm with Dave. I would also have wanted the Range Rover inside of a tank. Preferably with other armed Range Rovers surrounding it. I love wild animals as long as I'm looking at pictures of them or watching them on Nat. Geo. or Animal Planet.

Stark Naked Hippos WBAGNFARB.

Evidently, Dave had never seen Jurassic Park prior to this safari, or he would have known better. Electric fences just make the animals smarter and angrier.

Love the caption under slide number 4.

One of the lazy lions considers its next meal. DAVE BARRY /

Or, he was just proud to have a large scent gland on his butt. I know I would be.


This whole safari experience sounds cool and all butt...I happen to like my shoes and my feet. Attached to the rest of me.

Simple for me, judi. Love chocolate, hate mint.

Isn't the whole point of taking children on safari to have a morsel to throw to the animals while you escape?

Dave, Bennet Mathose anagrams to "set bone anthem." Just something to think about.

'Elephant Excremint' WnotBAGNFARB, butt
'The Large Scented Rock Bottom Gland Band'
has a nice ring to it...

"..a pair of hippos doing it in broad daylight..."

Why Don't We D-Do It In The Dung?

That was the coolest trip ever, Dave.
Thanks for virtually bringing us along.

No kidding.. I'm not getting near that continent...

That Sophie is made of stern stuff. She faces down rogue elephants, views naked hippo sex without her eyes burning out, and prevents Dave from disappearing, all but the shoes -- admit it Dave, it was you, after all, you thought the hyena was cute, too.

horny, horny hippos?

Don't they have those Mommy-Mommy-the-rhino's-getting-too-close-to-the-car safari places in Florida too ?


Lions and leopards and hippos, oh, my. Thanks, Dave, for sharing your surfin' safari with us!

Great column, Dave! You know, someday you should write a book!

*WAVES* @ the Duckness!!! LTNB(log)! Hope you and yours are doing well!

*snorks* @ stevie and insom!

Elephant walks into a Barry....

The "f" in Night Shift's name is silent.

I think I will just be glad to look at other people's pictures of their African safaris in the (relative) safety of my own home.

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