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July 26, 2010


Style, personified.

Advisory: Do not click during breakfast.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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And manscaped. Let's hope he doesn't clench.

Still has a thong in his step.

It could be worse; the Speedo could have been made from lettuce.

Still, for 76....just sayin'

Nice man panties.

Do not click during breakfast.

Or lunch.

I saw the title of the page before the rest of the page loaded.

That is all I needed to see.

Not enough brain bleach.

I was amazed it wasn't on South Beach, Siouxie.

Let he who is without flab cast the first stone.

Those three square inches of fabric cost $450.00. The vodka needed to wipe that from my memory will run about $20 bucks.

Seeing Martini wipe his memory with a vodka-soaked speedo:

trustf8, may I assume that you are banning Sharkie and his vodka speedo from your jacuzzi??

vodka - allowed
martinis - allowed

sharks - not allowed
speedo - optional

Gaaah! My eyes!

Gah...I was channeling McCain in a diaper....

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