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July 21, 2010


Elderly woman receives surprise package in the mail, $2,400 worth of marijuana

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I'll bet she was surprised.

Note to self: be sure to check mail first thing this afternoon.

Well, Toke-of-the-Month Club isn't perfect, yanno.

That joint was for her arthritis.


Par-tay at Grandma's!

Key quote: "The woman called the public safety department around 4:20 p.m"

2 lbs. = $2,400? Not where I come from (or so I've heard).

The next day grandma received 10 bags of flour, a crate of eggs, 8 pounds of cocoa powder and a 4 large sacks of sugar.

"Township public safety detectives, however, could not determine the origin of the drugs, Deputy Director Jon Johnston said Tuesday."

"(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)"

Well, that solves that.

Those darn grandkids are so good to me. I think I'll make them a pan of brownies.

How insensitive can you get. Puh-lease, it's African-American Township.

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