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July 21, 2010


Man Caught, On Security Camera, Trying To Steal Security Camera

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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"Your Honor, the observer effect of the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle, applied simply, means that by observing the theft of the security camera, the security camera contaminated the evidence. I move for a mistrial."

"I'll ask again, young man, do you have an attorney or would you like us to appoint one?"

The German word for this is " Dumkophsecuritenkameranichtripoffenkeit ".

Didn't the BTK killer work for a security company? Maybe he's just carrying on tradition.


I'd have to say that if the security cameras *didn't* catch me then I would not buy them 'cause they obviously don't work.

It was the perfect crime, just executed moronically. Next time take the operational cameras.

You beat me MS. Amateurs.

I have some extra security cameras from Mafia Wars, if they need 'em.

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