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July 22, 2010


...and The Man shuts him down.

(Thanks to many people)


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Ya gotta give the guy credit for having chutzpah...or sh*t for brains.

He'll just have to drown his sorrows. How convenient.

Go Kevie!
Go Kevie!


Arrested!? Heck, the man should be promoted to become our new jobs Czar.

Soon we'll have no rights left at all.

Be sure to read the article suggested by the Vibrant Ad when you mouseover Valencia.

A man walks into a bar...only to go behind bars...

I like how he started off with ONE six pack.

Sounds like he may have found his true calling.

Happy Hour's over.

You know.... if the owner of the bar got him a license and charged him rent.... I mean 1 six pack to serving 30 patrons a day in 4 days.... and great media/advertising savvy (he made the local paper)....

I sense a solution to the vagrancy problem in California.

Jeez!! we'll never get the economy back on track at this rate.

they do this in south america all the time. it's called "revolucion"

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