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July 23, 2010


...to this Colorado resident.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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I hate it whan that happens.

Bears driving cars -- sh-ursine of the Apocalypse.

Don't look - it was a grizzly accident.

Isn't it alarming that bears can now open car doors? It's only a matter of time before they're running Toyota.

At least he beeped the horn in case anything was in his way. I'll bet they don't do that in Miami.

It was probably too hot for the bear due to global warming, so he got in the air conditioned car. See it was Al Gore's fault.

Al Gore's been baring a little too much lately.


Did he paws for traffic?

(teenage boy + car = old food under seat = Yogi bear pic-a-nic basket)

I hate a bare ass on my car seat.

"the bear got into the car through an unlocked door and knocked the shifter into neutral, which sent it rolling backward 125 feet."

Well, that's pretty much the road test for a Florida drivers' license, right? Except for the firearms portion.

We just had that on the local news here. Apparently dum dum not only left the doors unlocked but left a pb&j sandwich in the car. What did he expect the bear to do?


So he's not smarter than the average bear?

If he came to a fork in the road, I bet he took it.

I dunno, Yogi...

Dammit, Booboo - I told you to wait in the car.

What's that yellow ribbon doing on your stick shift?

Ok, we know a bear sh*ts in the woods, but does a bear sh*t in the car?

I thought the Pope sh!t on a bear.

*snork* @ sh-ursine.

A kodiak moment for sure.

Who is driving? Bear is driving! How can that be?

Bear smashes the Grylls

The tv coverage included an interview with the responding officer who "thought it was a bunch of kids in there" until he used his flashlight* to see who was in the driver's seat. I believe this answers the question about who did what in the woods...

*no, no yellow ribbon

I know how he can save fifteen percent on car insurance.....

Poor Plymouth Bear-a-cuda.

Good one, Betsy. I believe "Holy Sh!t!" was exclaimed, several times.


I'm sorry, Mr Story, but your car insurance does not cause damage to the vehicle's interior caused by wildlife.

Or cover that kind of damage either, for that matter.

I didn't know that the Vice President was even in Colorado.

If you're a 70 year old bear in Florida, you don't even need to take an eye test.

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