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June 01, 2010


Now they're werewolves.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Twilight: where a young girl gets to decide between necrophilia and bestiality.

Hyenas, I could believe, but packs of werewolves? Never. Teen wolves are loners.

I can take the werewolf look over the goth look anyday.

I'd have thought walking around high school with a tail pinned to your butt was a sure way of getting a snootful of toilet water followed by a visit to Mr. Dumpster.


This is news?

Sit, Ubu, sit. Good dog.

It's been done in Wisconsin...

I blame World of Warcraft.

It's been done. I can testify that there were girls in the fifties and sixties who knew very well how to swish their tails as they walked down a school hall. They were very good at it, as I remember.
Very likely, there were some that attracted Og's eyes back in the cave.

And their hair was perfect . . .


There wolf.

At least they don't glitter in sunlight.

Adam Lambert and Eddie Munster -- Separated at birth?

Dr. Frankenstein: "Werewolf?"
Igor, pointing: "There wolf"

from Young Frankenstein

My woof is over there. He's a good dog.

They better enjoy lots of hair while they can. So long as they don't scoot across the carpet, piddle when excited, lift a leg in public or hump my boot when visiting.

Elsewhere online I came across a comment - I believe it was by novelist Larry Correia, author of the comic horror novel Monster Hunter International - that vampires should be so evil that you should just want to drive a stake through their black hearts on sight, rather than just giving them wedgies and stuffing them into a locker.

I'm thinking the same attitude ought to apply to werewolves. With perfect hair (and waxed chests, Twilight-style) or not.

psssssst, Braniff? check bonmont's linky NTTAWWT

*Waits for the inevitable "Werewolves of London" parody*


oops. Thanks Siouxie. I'm hesitant to click on links.

That does it. They're all grounded for a week.

How's about a little fire, Scarecrow!

bonmot, you are so lucky I hovered over that link before I opened it.

Great, now they will have to sit through another slide show in health class; this one featuring close-ups flea bites, tick infestations, and rabies-ravaged body parts.


Dr. Frankenstein, "Why are we talking like this?"
Igor, "I thought you wanted to."

No primrose path for nursecindy?

While I have no interest at all in Twilight, I think the contacts and fangs are kinda cool, and I actually love goth clothes (Abby-style, from NCIS).

Danged stupid kids just don't have any respect, I tell ya. Was the moon full? Huh? Do they brush their fangs after a good meal? Not bloody likely! Now, when I was in school, iw wasn't like this, no sir! We blah blah blah ow-oooooo blah blah grrrrrr blah and .......

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