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June 01, 2010


Rogue knitters encamped along the Berkeley-Oakland border with lawn chairs, tea cakes and knitting projects to protest the city of Berkeley's order that they remove an 8-foot knitted tea cozy they sewed over the T in a public sculpture they believe insults Oakland.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Rogue Knitters WBAGNFA little old ladies rock band.
I knew a guy that went to Berkeley in the early 70's. He still acted like he was on the planet Berkeley so I guess they never get over it.

One, you can insult Oakland? Two, putting a cozy on the letter "T" doesn't make it disappear. (OK, maybe in Berkeley. "I can't find the teapot. It's like vanished.") Three, you can insult Oakland?

The "Herethere" sculpture was commissioned by Berkeley's civic arts commission in 2002 at a cost of $50,000

I think that sums Berkeley up perfectly.

Hear Hear! There There! Where Where?

Horace, as you said on the last thread:

Attica! Attica!

cindy, that's twice. Get out of my brain!

ah, berkley... where the myriad threads of life's rich tapestry are twisted into yarn and knotted by hungry idealogues into incomprehensible cozies (wbanfarb?)the meaning of which is lost even to locals who twist and turn themselves and immediately forget what they have seen so every day is new, the cozy a surprise...

we're all doomed!

Bur Berkley is better! Any dummy fool knows that!*

*Except when it comes to spending on 'arts projects'!

Homeknitted terrorists defacing public art! Where is Homeland Security or Code Pink when we really need them?

How cold does it get in that part of California? Are tea cozies really necessary?

Reminds me of the Monty Python skit with gangs of delinquent old ladies stalking the streets terrorizing the pedestrians...

Hell's Grannies, NMUA.

That's what this country needs more of: rogue knitters.

This is neither here nor there (nor their, nor they're).

Those crazy T people!

Damn hippies!
Actually, I believe tampering with public art is considered a patriotic duty in many places.

The rogue knitters got in a stew,
Over Berkeley's artistic to-do.
To show them over where,
Oakland does have a "there"
they needled knit one and pearl two.

Most knitters knit things that are wearable,
But is this T cozy so terrible?
Should it be banned?
'cuz: ♪ 'Nobody can
Deny that there's Something There-able'...

Whoa! I'm having a Leigh French flashback.

Ummmm..... what?

See? See?? What did I tell you? It's a bridge to Here There!

*Waits for the inevitable "Here, There and Everywhere" parody*

Where is Homeland Security or Code Pink when we really need them?

I believe Code Pink is accross the bay in San Francisco. NTTAWWT

The dispute reminds me of an incident a few years ago. Pennsylvania erected (HAR) signs at its borders which read, "Pennsylvania Welcomes you. America Starts Here." Of course they alluded to the birth of our nation here. New Jersey complained that people would infer that they weren't part of America so the signs were changed.

Berkeley, Jersey, same batsh!t difference. Except Meanie, of course.

You from Joizy? Whadexid?

How perfectly Berzerkeley.

Allen at Division: Hell's Grannies. Yeah, I thought the same thing. ;^)

bonmot: Exit 8 of the NJ Tpk.

_hese kni--ers are ou- of -heir wi-s
_hey're covering "_"s wi-h -heir kni-s!
_hey could choose ano-her way
_o display -heir dismay,
Like nudis-s, who show off -hier -i-s!

Ah, thank you, Layzee. No ordinary batsh!t for me, by golly.

I hadn't heard about that PA sign incident - what did they change the signs to?

That's one heckuva yarn.

"You from Joizy? Whadexid?"

Exit 6.
You got a problem wit dat?

All I can say is, "darn it".

Is San Francisco really Bizarro Florida?

Yay, Trustf8!

Trust, dearie, would you care for some t's?

"Here, There and Everywhere" should be covered by Pearl Jam.

Leigh French, Share a Little Tea with Goldie.

yeah. hell's grannies. love that bit. scuse me, gotta get back to the crochet....

I think it would be nice to live someplace where problems can be solved by rogue knitting.

Thanks NotSherly - Meanie splashed all my LI Iced Tea out of my jacuzzi :(

See? See?? What did I tell you? It's a bridge to Here There! Posted by: Sarah Palin | June 01, 2010 at 10:44 AM

You tell 'em, Sarah, the Madame Defarge of our time...


Tipper just threw Al OUT of HER JACUZZI!!!


Meanie, they just say "Welcome to Pennsylvania." They rejected my suggestion of, "Aren't You Glad You're Leaving Jersey?"

btw: the 'jacuzzi' thing is just an ALleGORy...

Go to your rooms. You're all grounded.


Dave and RBR are on the NPR website today.


...I'm sure someone will put up a better link.

Just tell them that any cozies over 6feet in length contribute to global warming.

(T)ugh! (T)one (t)reason (t)each (t)will (t)win (t)witless (t)rap.

Penguin, you mean like this?

Is Judi ever going to mention that Dave will be chatting live with Gene and Tom about the Post Hunt?

Turns out that should be "Purl Jam".

Dave, you need an iphone app.

The Post Hunt Chat is noon June 2 at the Washington Post website.

Think I'll submit a question and ask if I can wear my Palin T-shirt to the Hunt. I want to see if I can make Gene's head explode. :-)

Berkeley, somewhere out in the sticks?

Sorry, bad thread to follow....

But at least I'm not spinning yarns!

Renee, you are brave LOL (go for it, girl!)

Dang semi-literate "reporter" ... can't even spell "t" ...

It wuz a cozy for a "t" ... not for "tea" ...

These wannabe "journalists" are ruinin' the profession ... no ... they've already roontit ...

Whatever, man.... got anymore of those brownies?

Unclench, grannies - it's not like Oakland can read. Plus, speaking from experience, it's harder to tag something that's quilted.

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